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Environmental Engineering And Consultancy Services

Incineration Plants

Envision Enviro Tech provides the appropriate and tailor-made  solution of incineration to meet the demand of safe and sustainable disposal infectious or hazardous waste in  solid, semi-solid or liquid form.

Our incinerators are customized, well equipped and designed to attain the three ‘T’s – Time, Turbulence and Temperature for complete incineration of waste. We are also competent for designing and supplying common incinerators.


Our designed incinerators are compliant with applicable State and Central Pollution control board guidelines. We can adopt specific designrequirements formeeting any national/ international norms with completely automated operations. Envision Enviro Tech has provided incinerators for incineration of biomedical wastes as well as  for the incineration of hazardous wastes generated from chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide units.


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