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Envision Enviro Tech Updates

Regulatory Updates

6 December 2023

Type of Industry: Thermal Power Plants

Thermal Power Plants with existing Environmental Clearance can change their coal sources. Compliance with conditions outlined in the November 11, 2020 Office Memorandum is mandatory for these changes.

21 August 2023

Type of Project / Activity: Linear Projects such as Roads, pipelines, etc. and Projects related to dredging, silting of dams, reservoirs, weirs, barrages, rivers and canals

All the Concerned SPCB / PCCs shall monitor the Compliance status of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) / Environmental Safeguards issued for (i) Extraction or sourcing or borrowing of ordinary earth for linear projects such as roads, pipelines, etc. and (ii) dredging and de-silting of dams, reservoirs, weirs, barrages, rivers and canals and shall initiate legal action against PP in case of projects not complying with SOP / safeguards

14 August 2023

Type of Industry: Pump Storage Projects

Ministry has directed that for Preparation of EIA / EMP report, respective specific ToRs shall be prescribed for the proposals involving closed loop or open loop PSPs which are enclosed as annexure to the OM.

28 July 2023

Type of Industry: Green Ammonia / Green Hydrogen Manufacturing Plants

Ministry has directed that Standalone plants producing Green Hydrogen / Green Ammonia shall not require prior EC but in case of setting up of such plants within the same premise of an existing unit which other-wise require prior EC, component of such plant would require to be included through amendment in EC

12 July 2023

Type of Project / Activity: Dredging and de-silting of dams, reservoirs, weirs, barrages, river and canals

Exemption from EC for Dredging and de-silting of dams, reservoirs, weirs, barrages, river and canals shall be subject to Environmental Safeguards as proposed in the National Framework for Sediment Management issued by Ministry of Jal Shakti, Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.

12 October 2022

Type of Project / Activity: Airport

Maintenance / Re-carpeting of Run way and Apron, maintenance works of terminal buildings and allied building such as Air Traffic Control (ATC), not require EC unless it does involves expansion / modernization.

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