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Environmental Engineering And Consultancy Services

Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility (TSDF)

Envision Enviro Tech has developed a unique framework to design and set up Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility (TSDF).

Along with design, setup, and management of the operations of TSDF, we alsoprovide services for obtaining various environmental and statutory clearanceswhich are necessary to setup TSDF.

As part of TSDF services, we provide support to our clientstomanage the safe disposal of their hazardous waste as per prescribed guidelines and regulations of competent authorities. We offer comprehensive consultancy serviceto the industries, Industrial estates, Private, Government and Semi-Government bodies to develop individual as well as common or captive TSDF for the management of hazardous waste.

Envision Enviro Tech has successfully executed the TSDFs for more than 2 Crore MT capacity so far.


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