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Environmental Engineering And Consultancy Services

Consultancy for Environmental Compliance, Consents & Authorization

One of the important offerings of Envision Enviro Tech is the Services in providing consultancy for carrying out various legal compliances towards state pollution control boards’ requirementscovering below important points:

  • Identification,evaluationand implementation of regulatory compliance of local/regional, state and national levels.

  • Obtaining permissions under ongoing facility operations and assessment of its impact on the environment, including social compliance audits.

  • Assistance to deal with enforcement actions and other such matters that may involve regulatory responses.

  • Services coveringbroad range of compliance categories, including air emissions; water quality, waste water, and storm water; solid, and hazardous waste; hazardous materials; noise; and occupational safety and health requirements.

  • Various Statutory Clearances like:

Other Important Services on regular basis:

  • Monitoring and Complianceas per regulatory requirement

  • Environment Due Diligence

  • Environment Audit

  • Annual Statement (Form V)

  • EMS Adequacy

  • Company Name Change with Pollution control Board

  • Uploading / submitting Monthly Production Details

  • Updating of Company Profile

  • Water Cess Act related applications/ returns

Services of Envision Enviro Tech are distinguished by the fact that it relives clients of hassles from environmental compliance issues, even for a small matters. Following are some highlights of its services:

  • Envision Enviro Tech ensures timely submission of various applications to State Pollution Control Boards(SPCB),taking care ofsufficiency of required details, does follow-ups with SPCB towards acceptanceof applications of its clients and it also tracks real time movement of applications till clearance is obtained. Any notifications received from SPCB is promptly conveyed to client with advice on actions.

  • Transparency is maintained with Client towards in terms of sharing information about transactions records, location of e-file details, status of various monitoring reports, submitted returns, lab sampling records etc…

  • Our professionals understand not only the contentof the applicable regulations, but more importantly, the intent behind them. Clients benefit from the credibility and trust that we have earned through many years of successful interactions with regulators at local, state, regional and national levels.


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