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Environmental Engineering And Consultancy Services

Environmental Audits & Environmental Due-Diligence

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit provides valuable insights into the environmental impact of an industry. It is a multidisciplinary assessment that aims to enhance environmental monitoring and infrastructure.

At Envision Enviro Tech, we have a dedicated team to carry out Environmental Audits, which  suggest improvements to minimize negative impacts. Additionally, we collaborate with independent and reputed agencies to prepare a comprehensive report that includes statistical analysis such as trend analysis, deviation analysis, and performance analysis.

Environmental Due Diligence

As per the statutory requirement, it becomes responsibility of land occupier to carry out Environmental Due Diligence studies and take mitigation measures accordingly, before transferring such land for other use than originally prescribed.. One of the essential stepsin  real property transactions is evaluating candidate properties for potential environmental contamination and liability.

  • Envision Enviro Tech have a special division for providing ‘Environmental Due Diligence Services’.

  • This process studies the requirements and steps for evaluating potential liability from environmental contamination, and evaluates  the larger context of environmental issues associated with real property transfers.

  • This process also involves and includes a Property Transfer Assessment, Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Baseline Assessment, Preliminary Hazardous Waste Site Survey.

  • Team of experts at Envision Enviro Tech helps you in preparing an acquisition strategy evaluating the real conditions of the unit, defending your interest against environmental liabilities.


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