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Environmental Engineering And Consultancy Services

Environmental Analysis, Monitoring, Treatability & Other Laboratory Studies

Environmental analytics include monitoring as well as focus on determination of all possible pollutants in environment components of air, water, soil, etc. Treatability Studies includes collection of samples of contaminated Air, Water and Soil from the site. They are treated with the selected oxidant and catalyst. “Before” and “after” samples getsanalyzed by a certified laboratory.

Envision Enviro Tech offers monitoring and testing of water, waste water, stack, ambient air, flue gases, soil, hazardous waste and noise. Such testing covers the use of physical, chemical and/or biological methods for the evaluation with established treatment technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. We constantly update ourselves alongthe development of innovative treatment technologies and use the same practically where ever appropriate.

Envision Enviro Tech Laboratory is recognized as Schedule – II auditors for GPCB under Government Auditor scheme by Honourable High Court, Gujarat. Our Laboratory is NABL accredited and well equipped to carry out complex analysis for pollution related parameters.


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