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Water Distribution Systems:


Water distribution system supply water at consumers tap. It should be capable to maintain the degree of purity and should be completely watertight. It is designed on the basis that the water should be available even at the breakdown period. The cost of the distribution system should be as low as possible. The laying of the system should be such that during repairs traffic should not be obstructed.

Our work

We design the distribution system to adequately satisfy the water requirements for a combination of domestic, commercial purpose etc. The system designed on the basis of the available pressure in the system for specific rate of the flow.  The water distribution system consists of a network of pipes with appurtenances, for transporting water from the purification plant to consumers tap. We cater to the need of clients considering the available source of water and its proximity to the site etc.

The material and workmanship used by us match to the national as well as local standards. We try to develop the system to satisfy the consumer as they are the end users.


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