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Wastewater Treatment Plant :


The wastewater treatment is a broad term that applies to any process, operation or combinations of processes and operations that can reduce the objectionable properties of water carried waste and render it less dangerous and repulsive to man. Thus, the wastewater should be effectively treated before its ultimate disposal in order to:

  • Reduce the spread of communicable diseases caused by the pathogenic organisms.
  • Prevent the pollution of surface and ground water.

Wastewater treatment is a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes.

Our work

We are one of the leading firms in South Gujarat for the consultancy and complete turnkey solution for the wastewater treatment and disposal problem. We excel in the ETP designing, construction and commissioning with the experience of above 70 units fully in working condition.

The effluent from each of the industry is unique with reference to the effluent generated by it, which by and large depends on the type of the production. We cover the entire spectrum of industrial units as far as the ETP designing and commissioning is concerned.

Thus we offer highly case specific solution for the treatment of the waste water of each industries, covering dyeing and printing units, pharmaceuticals, sugar, dairy, glass, agrochemicals, chemicals etc. The effluent design is made according to the local norm of effluent discharge. We also offer complete zero discharge solution for waste water treatment in certain industries.

This zero discharge solution reaffirms our mission of creating better environment and controlling pollution.


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