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Solid And Liquid Incineration Systems :


Incineration is a waste treatment technology that involves the combustion of waste at high temperature. Incineration figures as an alternative to the land filling, and biological treatment technology like composting and anaerobic digestion.It is a furnace for burning refuse. Modern incinerators include pollution mitigation equipments like flue gas cleaning.

Our work

We are one of the very few firms in south Gujarat proficient in the designing and maintaining of the incineration systems. We design incinerator to handle all kinds of waste like hazardous waste, solid, liquid, municipal, biomedical waste etc.

Considering the scale of cost and type of incoming effluent our designing team takes into considerations all the pros and cons for the unit and thereby provides the client with best suitable solution. Over and above all the units designed for each of the particular type of waste our incinerator system encompasses all the pollution control equipments like venturi scrubber, demisters, deduster, cyclone separtor, heat exchanger, gas coolers, and waste gas separation through ID fan and Stack.


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